Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take 2

Okay, I am going to pretend that I did not start this blog over two years ago and then completely neglect it after one post. :) Rather than fill in the past two years, I am going to jump in to where I am in life now. This is going to begin a documentation of my attempt to be a better and healthier mommy to my three sweet peas.

Today, I started the day with a 30 minute walk. It is the first of what I hope to be a daily occurrence. I do not like to think that this is a New Year's resolution, since I usually try to avoid those (and breaking them). Rather, it is a necessity for regaining my own body. Three kids in four years has taken its toll, and I am ready for a change! The alone time is also a necessity. I enjoyed listening to Matt Redman and watching the sunrise in peace.

When I walked up the driveway, I was greeted by two children who apparently were traumatized to discover I had walked away in the morning. Selah and Titus ran out the door barefoot and crying into the freezing cold morning. We cleared up the confusion and moved on with our day, which included a lot of farming.

Are you making resolutions this year, or are you like me and usually try to avoid them?


  1. That is a gorgeous sunrise :)
    No resolutions here...
    I am just thankful for another year.

  2. I have a resolution to read the book you recommended! I can't wait to be inspired. So glad you're blogging again!

  3. Love your family pic! You are beautiful, inside and out! :)

  4. Loving the Little Years is a fabulous book. I have been reading it slowly, when I need inspiration!

    Thanks, Megan and Jeanie!

  5. Such a darling family! Best wishes for a wonderful 2012. :)