Friday, January 6, 2012

On the Farm Friday

We farm plants - not animals, which I am thankful for. In fact, I told Robbie that if he had been a pig farmer it may have been a deal breaker. Ha! You see, I thought I was going to be a city girl, but instead I live on the farm. And I am okay with that! Anyway, over the past month, we have had a different experience on our farm.

Cows! Robbie has been custom grazing cows for a rancher from Oklahoma. Yes, the rancher sends his cows up here to eat our corn trash! Not only does this help the rancher, but it has a couple of benefits for us as well. The cows fertilize our field (I don't think that needs further explanation) as they eat the trash (corn stalks and cobs) left on the field from harvest.

One of the cows even had a calf! The kids and I have had so much fun looking for the calf each morning. It is usually not far from mama, but occasionally we see it running and bouncing around. It even got under the fence and almost in our front yard one day.

These cows are rather skittish around adults, but they are not afraid of Selah and Titus. Titus splashes around in the cattle tank, and the cows could care less! 

The kids have loved having the cows around, and I have to admit I have too. Tomorrow they will be moving to a different field, and I will miss them. Their routine is predictable and comforting. It is peaceful to look out and see them grazing.

I guess it is a good thing that Robbie didn't let me turn this cattle tank into a strawberry bed like I wanted to do. I will leave the tank as is, so next year we can have more cows visit our farm!

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