Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Say No

Anyone remember Drug Awareness week in elementary school? I remember red ribbons, and a few songs. 

"Just say no. No! No! No!
You've got some courage to show!"

Okay, maybe I only remember that song. 

Since then, I have found that saying no applies to a lot more than someone offering you drugs. Saying no probably comes naturally to some people, but for a people-pleaser like me, it is a skill that I have had to develop. For me, part of being a better mom this year involves saying no to more things. Good things like group bible studies. Fun things like nights out with friends. I was thinking about this last night as I tossed and turned in bed, and this morning I found an email from Productive Parenting titled "A resolution to do less". I love it when that happens! An unexpected confirmation.

"What if you resolved to have less commitments on your daily schedule which might provide a greater margin of time to be present and patient during the time and transitions between the few that remain? 
What if you resolved to lower your expectations of each day so that your success as a mom was more aligned with how you loved rather than what you did?"
                   -Productive Parenting

Exactly! Some days I feel so bogged down by my own expectations. So today, I am hoping to do some laundry. The kitchen counters may still be cluttered, the toys may still be all over the floor, and I may not get a shower until late in the day. But I will have the time, energy and patience to enjoy my children.

Already, I am seeing benefits to this new "resolution". I enjoyed some precious moments with my family this weekend that I would have missed had I not said no!

Babies in a Boat

First Solid Food

Grandpa D supervising Strawberry Shortcake time

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