Sunday, March 18, 2012


Part of the reason I was able to convince Robbie that it was a good idea to drive to Nashville was because of the Commodity Classic. The Commodity Classic is an education event/trade show for corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum farmers. This year it was held in Nashville at Opryland. Robbie spent Thursday and Friday there attending informational and educational seminars. We had been there once before, but I thought the kids would enjoy seeing it, so we ventured over there as well.

The best pose I could get out of the 3 of them

All three peas loved exploring the waterfalls, plants, and pathways. Selah and Titus were always running ahead, which caused me some mild anxiety.

There was a wedding there that evening, and Selah was quite excited to see a live princess!

Opryland is great free entertainment. Just don't get hungry! The only thing our visit cost us was a few pennies to throw in a fountain.

Selah gave two thumbs up to the remains of the Commodity Classic.

We stayed long enough to see one of the evening fountain shows, which somewhat impressed the peas.

This was our first visit to Opryland in 2008:

My, how things have changed!

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