Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Brother

Hannah and Titus get special bonding time on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Selah is in preschool. Right now, Hannah is figuring out how to play with Titus, and Titus is trying to protect his play from Hannah. 

Hannah crawls as fast as she can to get to where he is playing. Titus immediately starts growling and pushing his toys behind him. If he pushes her out of the way, her cry is broken-hearted. She loves her big brother!

The other day, Titus was trying to put together a puzzle on the floor. Of course Hannah wanted in on the action. After some squabbling, Hannah gave up and crawled away. A few minutes later, I was helping Titus put his shoes on so we could play outside. Hannah seized the moment and crawled over to a puzzle piece and put it in her mouth. As she did so, she turned and looked right at Titus! Titus started squealing in frustration, and Hannah happily chewed on his puzzle piece, keeping an eye on Titus, as he looked on helplessly.

Today I asked him to tell her a story. He eagerly told her a lengthy story, most of which was unintelligible. The gist of it was something about cow poop, bears and apple trees.

Hannah was as confused as I was, but we were both entertained.


  1. We hear a lot of growling at our house lately from our 2 year old. I think our boys would have a great time together.

    1. It must be a boy thing! I'm sure they would love to talk about tractors together. :)