Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cutest Baby

Cute baby contests annoy me. Yet, my husband convinced me to enter Hannah into a local radio station's cute baby contest, mostly because I thought his belief in her ability to win was so sweet. And so, I have annoyed my Facebook friends with almost daily reminders to vote for our adorable little pea. :) (Today is the last day to vote, by the way!)

I am not expecting her to win, because really it is just who can gather the most votes, but I do know that in our house, Hannah is currently the cutest baby! Everyday she gets smothered in love. Sometimes literally, thanks to Titus.

I love watching the three of them play together. Hannah loves to get right in on the action. Moments after this picture was taken, I had to leave them briefly unsupervised. I came back about 90 seconds later to find Hannah being baptized (not by immersion) by both Selah and Titus. Sigh.

No wonder she gets this look on her face sometimes.

Also, I wanted to let you know that while my blog posting is fairly sporadic, my instagram posting is much more frequent. If you don't have a smartphone, I believe you can follow my photo stream here. If you have a smartphone, and don't have instagram, you should get it! It is so fun!

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